Truth Or Suck: Game Night With Sis

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Ever since your mom and you moved in with her new husband, things have been great. He owns a huge house, has plenty of money and takes care of your needs. You don't have to work and just get to kick it around the house, playing pool and doing whatever you want. It's a good life, but not for everyone apparently. Your new stepdad has a bratty blonde daughter, Angelika. She has lived in this house her whole life and has it so easy that she gets bored any time your parents leave. Interrupting your game, she suggests a game of truth or dare. Whoever gets the pingpong ball in the cup gets to ask the question or suggest the dare. You know from experience that Angelika won't take no for an answer. Besides, she's a lot of fun to look at. Never one to take a loss easily, she tries to distract you by flashing her ass, but you sink the shot anyway. Since she was keen to show you some skin you dare her to take off her shirt and show her boobs. You have been dying to see them ever since your parents got married and they are as sexy as you imagined. The sight of her firm breasts makes you cock hard and your slutty stepsister can't help but notice. Seeing how hard she made you, your cock teasing sister pops your meat in her mouth and starts sucking. With such fantastic blowjob skills, it is easy to see why she is so popular in school. You peel her panties off of her wet pussy and slide into her. Her pussy is so tight and wet as she climbs on top and grinds on your cock. Just as you are about to bust a nut into her, Angelika turns around and sucks, begging to taste your cream. You give her both balls' worth and she swallows it down like a good girl. Playing with sexy stepsister is a lot more fun than playing alone.