Face To Face With Leanne Lace

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Leаnne Lace was disappointed when thе pandemic shut down normal life, forсing her to put her wedding on hold. Not seeing hеr fiance until the wedding day made her sad and waiting until then to get laid was going to be very tough on the horny young bride to be. She wanted to do something special for him to keep him anxious for their special night. A sexy photoshoot seemed the best idea, but since she couldn’t bring a photographer in to take the pictures, Leanne’s roommate had a fill in. She found herself shy in front of her roommate but loosened up when her roommate told her to pretend the camera was her fiance. She bent over imagining how he would look at her body as she stuck her ass up in the air. The thought of his reaction made Leanne’s pussy wet and she no longer cared if her roommate was taking the pictures. Spreading her legs, she slipped fingers inside of her wet hole and closed her eyes while her roommate just kept shooting. She thought about how her man would ravage her on their wedding night and did not stop playing with herself until she had cum over and over. When she opened her eyes, Leanne saw that her roommate had stopped taking pictures and was playing with her pussy as well. She smiled, realizing two things. First, that her man was going to love the pictures and second, that she wasn’t going to have to wait until her wedding night to get laid.