Tease Me And Then Please Me

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After а long business trip, you returned home exhaustеd late at night. You hadn’t seen your bеautiful wife Amaranta is nearly two weеks. It was so late that you expected her to be fast asleep. You couldn’t wait to see her in the morning, but were pleasantly surprised when you entered the bedroom to find her waiting up for you. Not only was she awake, but she was wearing some sexy new pink lingerie. The matching bra and panty set accentuated her curves beautifully as she sat on the bed smiling. “I have missed you,” she whispers, turning away from you and bending over to show you the half exposed cheeks of her ass. She slid down the bed, teasing you with her long legs and bare feet. “I know you must be tired baby,” she coos as her fingertips run down her shoulders to her breasts, “but I have been waiting for you. I need you.” She slips off her bra and pinches her hard nipples, begging you to at least watch her while she shows you how horny she is for you. You watch as your lovely wife slowly pulls down her panties, exposing her big round ass and giving you a glimpse at her freshly shaven pussy. Her hands slide further down, rubbing her lips until you can hear the juices squishing on her fingers. Her desire for you is strong and as she begins to fuck her pussy she moans for you, begging for you to join her. You are tired from your trip, but who can say no to such a beauty? There will be time to rest tomorrow.