Mom, I Want Your Pie

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As the beautiful Anissa Jolie finished making some pie, she immediately offered it to her stepson. This reminded him of a movie that he recently watched, which made him ask a couple of questions. Even if his busty stepmom tried to explain it in a simple manner, he did not understand, thus he needed some further lecturing. Anissa then whipped out his nice hard dick and shoved it into her mouth, while he was confused at first, he gave in due to her extraordinary blowjob skills. Once his dick was nicely lubed up with her saliva, Anissa climbed on top of him with her panties already removed, and she was about to remove her bra as well. As she whipped out her big tits as well, his dick was as hard as a rock, ready to give her the penetration that she was looking for. Then, the stepmom spread her legs wide as she laid down on the table and she let her stepson plow her as hard as he can. Anissa moaned in pleasure, which made her stepson even more thrilled that he started plowing her faster and harder. Eventually, he could not hold himself back anymore, which caused him to jizz all inside of her tight wet pussy, leaving her with an incredible creampie. While he was quite excited with the results, his stepmom was not that thrilled, even if she was enjoying the whole slamming session until this very moment which left her in complete confusion as her husband might find out about it in the future.