Like Mother Like Daughter

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Pretty Poppy Pleasure is one of the most popular girls in her school. She turns all the boys heads and one needs look no further than her tight, perfect body to see why. Poppy is pretty and popular, but scholastics are not her strong suit. That problem has taken a turn for the better since her mom got married to a man who happens to have a son who is one of the smartest kids in school. Having her stepbrother tutor her has helped Poppy greatly with her grades, but it has created some serious problems for him. Helping his sexy stepsister with her homework means working very closely with her when she is wearing the most revealing clothes. One day the sight of Poppy’s perky ass is just too much and he can’t concentrate on helping her with homework. Poppy recognizes that look right away and knows that her stepbrother is having dirty thoughts about her. Surely a little teasing can’t hurt. She loves the attention and quickly realizes that his cock is getting hard in his pants. Never one to let a good boner go to waste, the pretty blonde takes his fat cock from his pants and starts sucking. Right in the middle of their fun, mother Veronica comes in and catches them. Shocked at first, she is overcome with lust and just has to get a taste of her stepson’s meat. The horny older brunette knows a few tricks and shows slutty daughter just how to ride a hard dick. Poppy learns quickly and fucks her stepbrother. Both women enjoy the feel of his hard cock pounding away on them and he shoots a big sticky load all over them. Now he will be helping Poppy with homework and mom with chores around the house. So long as they get the dick, they are both happy.