Forget Your Ex With Stella Flex

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Stellа Flex has been taking dance classes аt night and is finally ready to show her bоyfriend what she has learned. What he dоesn’t know is that her class is for women who want to lean to strip at home and she has been practicing non-stop. Squeezing into a tight pair of shorts and a sexy top, Stella has her man sit on the couch while she uses the bedroom door to make her grand entrance. With her chosen music playing, she arches her back and sticks her ass out until she knows she has his full attention. Working her way to the floor, she made sure to stick her legs way out and touch them sensually. He watched intently, cheering when her top came off, exposing her perky breasts. To her surprise, Stella found that her nipples were rock hard. Dancing for her man was turning her on as much as him. After showing off her flexibility, she slowly peeled her shorts down over her ass and bent over for him. Fully naked now, Stella told him to take out his cock and stroke his cock to her show. Throwing her legs high in the air she let her fingers slide between her smooth wet lips and dive into her tight hole. Before she knew it, she was cumming all over her fingers. It was just supposed to be a tease, but now she can’t stop. Can’t stop until his cum shoots out of his big cock.