Family Connection With No Protection

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Tired of watching chick flicks, this horny stepbrother takes control of the remote and immediately switches it to something more his speed. He is thoroughly enjoying some VirtualTaboo smut when his stepsister, Kaisa Nord returns to the room. She wants her movie back on and is angry when he refuses to give her back the remote. Being mean to his stepsis is not the best idea, because Kaisa is not going to give up. She checks everywhere for the remote and instead finds condoms. Kaisa is curious if they belong to their parents or to her stepbrother. When he admits that they are his, she is even more curious because she and her boyfriend do not use condoms. She also wants to know what XXL on the package means. He is happy to show her why he needs rubbers of that size and his sexy stepsister is shocked when she sees his huge cock. It is so much bigger than her boyfriend’s dick. Will it even fit in her tiny pussy? First she wants to suck it and get it nice and wet. She gets on top and when he reaches for the condom she stops him. No need for that. She wants to feel her stepbrother’s big cock in her raw. Kaisa has never felt a cock as big as brother’s and she loves every throbbing inch in her wet little hole. He gives her everything he’s got and explodes all over her tight body. Kaisa knows she doesn’t have to leave home for good dick and her stepbrother has his own VirtualTaboo experience.