Anal Twister: Daddy, Bro And Sister

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Natаsha has been getting into cosplay рretty heavily since she startеd dating her new boyfriend. At first it was just fun to get dressеd up and do things he liked. Then she started to notice that other guys were giving her attention. Attention that her own boyfriend wasn’t giving her. No matter how sexy she made her costumes, he just wasn’t interested. Frustrated, she tried a hot photo shoot in a tiny outfit and wig that made her look just like his favorite character. If this didn’t work, she wasn’t sure what she was going to do. Hoping that the photos would do the trick, she planned to send them to her boyfriend as a surprise. Forgetting about the pictures, Natasha left them in her bedroom where her stepfather found them. He sat on the bed looking at them. He was shocked at first, especially when he came to the naked pictures. She catches him looking at them. She notices that father’s cock is hard in his jeans, daughter knows that the pictures are working. She wants to see his cock and taste it. Natasha is right in the middle of sucking daddy’s dick when brother catches them. He is shocked, but so turned on that he demands some of what dad is getting. Father tries to stop it, but Natasha agrees right away. She has always wanted two men at once and goes right to work on them both. Their cocks are so big in her mouth and pussy that she wonders why she even bothers with her boring, limp-dicked boyfriend at all. Wanting to try something new, she begs them to fuck her tight ass as well. Natasha gets all three of her holes filled and then her pretty face covered in sperm.