Sneaking Out – S2:E3

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Stuck in a home for naughty girls with incredibly strict rules, Natalia Nix goes over the ropes with Tyler Steel, the daytime administrator. She decides to make a run for a night of freedom. She confirms her plan with her friend Mackenzie Mace, then goes into the closet to see what she can find. Spare bedsheets are just what Natalia needs to make a rope. She passes on dinner, then changes into some slutty clothes she snuck in. She makes her way to the roof and ties the bedsheets to a chair before flinging the other end over. Too bad Tyler is standing right outside when she drops the rope. He rushes upstairs to stop Natalia from doing something stupid and dangerous and escort her back inside.Natalia is now concerned that she’s going to get kicked out of the program. Tyler confirms her fears, but she suggests that instead of kicking her out they could play a game. Her idea of a game is to pull Tyler’s pants down and start sucking him off. He lets the horny Latina make magic with her mouth, especially after he helps her peel off her clothes so he can admire her small tits and bare twat. When Natalia lays back on the bed and rubs her clit to invite him to play some more, Tyler gives in and lays down so she can ride his hardon. Slow and steady is the name of the game as Natalia gets to know Tyler’s stiffie. She hops off the cock and sucks him down again, then goes in for a faster reverse cowgirl ride. Then she lays back and lets Tyler do all the work sliding in and out of her juicy fuck hole. Slipping her hand between her legs, Natalia rubs her clit until she’s moaning. As her body pulses from that big O, she rolls onto her hands and knees to let Tyler give it to her doggy style for another round of pleasure. Satisfied, Natalia gets on her knees so Tyler can jack himself off for a facial. Licking Tyler clean, Natalia swallows his cum. Her reward is Tyler agreeing she can go out and use the front door as long as she doesn’t get caught.