From the Vault: Anika Will Give You a Hard Time

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Anika’s a bratty babe who will pout and fuss until she gets what she wants. In this vintage scene from 18eighteen Xtra, Anika wants big, hard cock. She gives her tutor a hard time until he gives her a hard time.

“Let’s study naked!” she says while taking off her top to reveal her tiny A-cup boobies.

The tutor takes the bait and moments later they’re naked. Anika may be the 18-year-old, but her tutor is pretty naive if he thinks nothing is going to happen while they’re “studying” naked.

Anika sucks him nice and deep while he reads a lesson out loud. She’s clearly cock-hungry and eager to get her tonsils tickled by his mushroom tip.

Still trying to be a good teacher, the tutor pulls out a mirror and makes Anika look at her pussy while he gives her an anatomy lesson. Then they get to the real sex ed part, and it’s a live demo.

The tutor slides into her pussy and fills her up in the piledriver position. The first lesson in sex ed? The female orgasm. That’s Anika’s favorite. And her second favorite lesson? Taking a nice big load on her face.