Tiny Teen Gets Big Anal

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How does a small girl like you take such a big cock? Have you had a lot of practice?

“I’m not going to tell you the number of guys I’ve fucked, but let’s just say I have some experience. Enough to know that I love big cocks, and I can handle them. I don’t know how I take these big cocks. I just do!”

Do you ever feel like big cocks stretch out your little pussy?

“Yeah, totally. But I like that feeling. The guy’s cock should be so big that he can barely squeeze it in my pussy. There’s nothing like a tight fit. And the best thing is that even if I fuck a guy with a huge cock and he wears me out, my pussy shrinks back to its normal size afterward. It goes back to being super-tight. Like, barely-fit-two-fingers-in-there tight. Then the next time I fuck a guy with a big cock he has to lick and finger my twat to get it ready for his big dick.”

What is doing anal like for you?

“It’s freakin’ awesome. My ass is so tight that it feels crazy good when a guy fucks it. I can take big ones in my butt, too. But you can’t pound the backdoor too hard now!”