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Claudia is a sexy 34-year-old MILF from Mexico. Her tits aren’t usually so plump and sensitive, but she’s lactating right now, and she’s showing off her newly-improved bust size just for you.

Claudia likes working out, and she studies kickboxing and plays volleyball. She likes going to the movies with friends, and she prefers tall, strong men who aren’t afraid of putting some effort into their looks.

In the bedroom, Claudia enjoys starting off slowly with a guy kissing all over her luscious body. When she’s turned on, she can quickly cum from oral, which is her favorite part of having sex. Lately, she’s been incorporating her breastmilk into her sexual repertoire.

Claudia puts on a milky sex show for us, squirting her cream all over her tits and stomach, rubbing it all over with her hands. Then, she squeezes a shot into her mouth and drools it over herself before using the juices to fingerfuck her tight, wet pussy. We don’t see milk play often here at NaughtyMag, but we love it when we get it.