Guilty until proven innocent

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Detectives are so cool, right? These guys are fighting with the crime, but not just like regular cops, however by solving mysteries and having mental fights with the biggest masterminds of the crime world out there. And have you ever wanted to be a bloodhound detective on a high profile case? In this VR Porn fantasy, you are interviewing Riley Reid, the main suspect in the murder case of a rich businessman: his wife! You know well that the girls like her are known to seduce the older but rich men with their hot bodies and cute smiles, to fuck them so hard the they will get the heart seizure so they can steal their money and run some luxurious lives. Obviously she is hot and alluring, charming and dangerously sexy, so you have to keep your detective senses on and stay careful. It is just like a ‘Basic Instinct’ movie, yet with way more flesh! Will she plead for mercy or convince you of her innocence? You try to play the bad cop but the more you push her to the corner the sexier she gets as she lights up a cigarette and spreads her legs. When you are inside of her crazy sexy game already, she captivates you and make you fall under her animalistic charm – you know that you are screwed but there is not much to do about it, honestly. Riley then moves for the kill and grabs a hold of the glass dildo murder weapon to get herself off as she is moaning and groaning to make you forget all about her murder case. After watching all of this, what punishment will she get in the end? Come and find out in this hot sexy crime scene VR Porn video in 4K Ultra High Definition.