Gettin’ Ready

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Have you ever had a female friend? A really, really good one that you could have trusted and who would have been there for you no matter what? Some people say that such kind of a connection is not possible and that you cannot have a true friendship between a girl and a guy – at least not without some occasional fucking from time to time between a pair of good friends. In our latest brunette VR porn video called Gettin’ Ready, we are about to present you with such a wonderful female buddy – and even though you two will not be so-called >>friends with benefits<<, you are still about to fuck her inside of this blowjob VR porn movie. You see, Violet Myers - as we are talking about her - might look like a total sex bomb to you, but it turns out that she actually is a really shy person and do not go out with guys that much - and today she will need your helpful hand because of that and you really need to be there for her. Inside of this babe VR porn scene, the girl will ask you for an opportunity to practice sucking cocks on your dick - as she is going on another date with a guy she likes and she wanted to show him her appreciation in that way, yet she does not know how to do that. ...Just think about it: who in his right mind would not help that amazing adult model?! Hell yeah! You should grab your cock and pull it out as soon as possible to let her practice as much as she wants - and, who knows, perhaps she will decide to go through other things with you tonight, too, as when you will wake the sexual needs in her petite body, she might really unleash a true sex demon on you and fuck you harder than you have ever expected her to!