Couples Retreat (Hers)

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Valentine’s Day is a special day for every person, especially for every woman with romantic soul and beloved boyfriend. This Valentine’s Day is going to be special for every VR Porn loving lady, since this time your boyfriend, Mike Mancini, is taking you on a romantic vacation! After all these years with your man, your relationship is no longer so passionate like it used to be, so it could really use some refreshment – there couldn’t be any better occasion than a Valentine’s Day! This trip was quite unexpected, since even though you were sensing that Mike was preparing something, you did not suspect that it would be so big! Virtual Reality Porn life really is full of surprises… You pack your suitcases and head on a romantic journey, not expecting anything certain. After romantic dinner, walk by the moonlight, bouquet of roses, champagne and whole evening of flirting with your charming boyfriend, it’s time to go back to your hotel room – Virtual Reality Porn vacation just couldn’t get any better! Here, the romantic atmosphere becomes dull as your man pounces on you and starts kissing you passionately. He rips your clothes off one by one and starts licking your wet pussy. Although his penis is already hard, you begin to caress him with your lips to make him as humid as your soaking wet vagina. When he finally enters you with his hard cock, you feel every deep thrust of it, experiencing real ecstasy. Mike fucks you passionately in your favorite position, letting you jump on him after a while, to take the initiative in your hands. And this is just the beginning of this passionate Valentine’s Day night filled with sex and passion… You’ll never forget these vacation and there’s no way that you could imagine a better Couples Retreat, and all of that thanks to VR Bangers’ high quality VR Porn movies – we make people’s dreams come true!