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Have you ever wanted to be a spy agent just like a famous James Bond? Scoring pussies wherever you go and busting some bad guys with your high-end gadgets provided by some intelligence bureau? Well, today is your chance as the VR Bangers are making another dream of our fans come true! This VR Porn Parody will turn you into a spy that you have always wanted to be, as you are waiting to terminate another female agent. The light is dimmed so she does not know that you are in her house and you can easily get her by a surprise. Taylor comes home after a long day of assassinating people and suddenly sees you lying on her bed and pointing a gun at her. This seems to be like a situation without exit, but miss Kenzie Taylor has her own ways to stay alive. She starts by stripping her killer red dress and revealing her curvy and deadly body when you are following her moves with your gun just in case. Then she bends over towards you and opens your zipper to grab a hold of your cock and slide it in her mouth. Out of sudden you are the one in her hands so this termination mission might actually fail, yet you do not care about that in this very moment as Miss Taylor finally slides your hard cock down her wet pussy. You have been waiting for this situation ever since you have read her biography file and learned that she has a ‘license to fuck’ and might give you a night of your life. Now you can bang her for many hours until you cum so hard on her face to make her blind and use the moment to complete your secret mission! Watch Kenzie in this VR Porn movie now!